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Need lawn care or landscaping services in Chesterfield? Trust Rivers Lawn and Landscape to make your property beautiful.

Our Grass is Always Greener

Rivers Lawn and Landscape is based only 20 miles away from Chesterfield, and we offer many services to Chesterfield homeowners. If you are in need of a lawn care and landscaping professional, we look forward to serving you in Chesterfield.

We provide lawn maintenance, landscaping, and tractor services to keep your property looking its best, and we can also install irrigation. In addition, don’t forget about your semi-annual fire ant control application.

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Chesterfield, SC Service Details

Chesterfield Fire Ant Control Services

Many Chesterfield homeowners have issues with fire ants on their properties. Even if you don’t see fire ants on your property, you may have nests that are too small to see. It is important to get fire ant control in Chesterfield before they hurt your family or damage your plants.

Rivers Lawn and Landscape’s Guarantee

When receiving fire ant control in Chesterfield from Rivers Lawn and Landscape, your lawn will be fire ant-free after two applications, guaranteed. Contact us today and we can meet your fire ant control needs.

Chesterfield Landscaping Services

Rivers Lawn and Landscape has the expertise and the team to achieve your landscaping goals for your property in Chesterfield. We provide the following Chesterfield landscaping services:

  • Landscape design, installation, and maintenance
  • Tree trimming and brush removal
  • Mulchrock, and pine straw
  • Drainage solutions
Chesterfield Lawn Care Services

Some homeowners in Chesterfield have amazing lawns and landscapes, but they simply don’t have the time to maintain it. Not only can we create a beautiful lawn and landscape, but we can also keep it beautiful.

What Chesterfield lawn care services does Rivers Lawn and Landscape offer?

If you rely on us for your lawn maintenance in Chesterfield, we will provide bi-weekly services to keep your property beautiful. We also offer other specialty lawn care services such as soil tests and fertilization, lawn installation, weed control, and insect control.

Chesterfield Irrigation Services

The South Carolina heat is no joke. At times, it can be difficult to keep our lawns and plants healthy in the summer, and many Chesterfield homeowners end up with brown, dying landscapes. Therefore, Rivers Lawn and Landscape offers irrigation in Chesterfield.

What are the benefits of irrigation in Chesterfield?

Irrigation has many benefits, including greener grass and healthier plants.

Believe it or not, irrigation can even save you money. When you aren’t manually watering your lawn, you may actually end up using less water than you’d planned. This can lead to less stress on you and your wallet.

Contact us for a free estimate on Chesterfield irrigation.

Chesterfield Tractor Services

Rivers Lawn and Landscape has the equipment and the team to take care of many big jobs. Do any of the following situations sound like you?

  • You need a new gravel driveway
  • You have shrubs you’re ready to get rid of, but the roots are too deep to dig up.
  • Your property is covered in brush that needs clearing.
  • You need your property graded.
  • Your land is covered in thick vegetation that needs bush hogging.

If any of these situations sound like you, Rivers Lawn and Landscape would be honored to provide you with tractor services in Chesterfield.

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