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Spend more time building your business and less time focusing on facilities maintenance. Rivers Lawn & Landscape can help.

Leave the Commercial Lawn Care & Property Maintenance to Us.

Work on your business. Don’t work in your business. The more time you spend tending to property management matters is less time you have to focus on generating revenue and making your customers happy. Whether you’ve had bad experiences with contractors in the past, or it’s your first time considering a commercial lawn care professional, get in touch to see how we can help.

Year-Round Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Beautification & Property Enhancement PRojects

Year-Round Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Mowing and Trimming


Your grass is one of the first things people will see when they arrive at your business. A well-manicured lawn will leave a great first impression on your customers, while unkempt grass may give your business a messy look. Let the professionals handle your routine mowing.


Although your customers may not pay close attention to your shrubs, hedges, and trees, they will likely notice if they are messy. Letting Rivers Lawn and Landscape take care of your routine trimming and pruning can create a positive atmosphere as your customers enter your business.

Blowing and Edging

It is important to maintain a clean landscape and parking lot, as this may help with customer satisfaction and customer retention. With our advanced equipment, we can blow leaves and debris off your property very quickly.

Our efficient team at Rivers Lawn and Landscape can quickly and easily pay attention to the detailed edges around your business, such as your landscaped beds, sidewalks, and parking lot. These finishing touches will show your guests that you prioritize their experience. 

Weed Control

Overgrowth of weeds can create a negative atmosphere at your storefront. Weeds can also take nutrients and water away from your other plants, causing them to die sooner than you’d like. 

The professionals at Rivers Lawn and Landscape know which chemicals will work best on your property to control your pesky weeds. 


High-traffic areas need help when it comes to health and growth. Our fertilization services are the ideal solution. Fertilization has a range of benefits that will positively impact your customers’ experience.

  • Fewer weeds
  • Less disease and plant death
  • Healthier, greener grass
  • Fewer pests
  • Decreased erosion
  • Increased curb appeal
Fire Ant Control

Fire ants can harm both your plants, your customers, and your team members. Protect your customers and your property by eliminating fire ant problems and preventing future ones.

Why should I hire a professional to treat for fire ants?

  • Licensed professionals like Rivers Lawn and Landscape are trained in safe application. 
  • We keep up with the application schedule, and we’ll give you a call when it’s time to reapply. This way, you’re never left unprotected.
  • Since we buy professional products in bulk, it is often cheaper to let us treat your property instead of purchasing fire ant bait from a big box store.
Other Routine Work

Need help with something else we did not mention on this page? Give us a call or fill out our form to chat with us. 

Commercial Property Beautification and Enhancement Projects

Landscape Design

Are you opening a new business or looking to refresh your current landscape? Having a customized, attractive landscape can help beautify your business and attract new customers.

At Rivers Lawn and Landscape, we can use our years of expertise and advanced software to design the perfect landscape to complement your business.

Landscape Installation

Looking to install grasses, shrubs, trees and flowers? We can help guide you. We are informed on which plants will grow best in your town, whether it is Monroe, Lancaster, Pageland, or Kershaw. 

How can Rivers Lawn and Landscape assist me with landscape installation? 

  • We are informed on which plants will grow best in your town, whether it is Monroe, Lancaster, Pageland, or Kershaw. 
  • We can also survey your property to assess the areas of sun and shade to ensure your plants will remain healthy. We will then install your landscaping accordingly.
Landscape Maintenance

While landscape design and installation are important, it is also important that they receive regular maintenance. 

Without routine attention, the landscaping may start to look unruly. But don’t stress, Rivers Lawn and Landscape can take care of all your routine landscaping needs. We can visit your property periodically to freshen up your landscape to keep your customers returning. 

Mulch, Rocks and Pinestraw

Adding ground cover to the front of your business is a small change that makes a huge difference in the look of your property. 


Rock is a low-maintenance option with a low long-term cost, as it does not require frequent replacement. It is fireproof and windproof, and it remains beautiful year-round.


Mulch helps to retain moisture in the ground, leading to greater hydration for your plants. It also helps to control weeds in your landscaped beds. There are many different color options, and it stays in place very well throughout the year. 

Pine Straw

Pine straw is a cost-efficient option that is quick to spread in your landscaped beds. Although there is not a wide variety of color options like the other ground covers, the color of pine straw matches almost any color of home well.

Tree Trimming

Regular tree trimming is very important for your commercial business property. 

Benefits of Regular Tree Trimming

  • Your trees will stay healthier
  • You can prevent dead limbs from falling on your property
  • You can maintain a cleaner look
  • You can protect your yard from future damage
Brush Removal
  • Pageland, Monroe, Kershaw, and Lancaster frequently have heavy summer storms that leave our properties covered in limbs, leaves and other debris. 
  • The fall season almost always results in lots of leaves covering your property. We can stop by routinely to keep the landscaping around your business clean and clear for your customers

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