If you’re like most homeowners, you know that you want your yard to look great, but you’re not exactly sure what steps to take to make your vision a reality. Rivers Lawn & Landscape is here to guide you, no matter the scope of your project. We understand that you want your yard to be the best-looking one on the street, and we have the knowledge and experience to help you get there.

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Landscape Design

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Landscape Installation

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Landscape Maintenance

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Mulch, Rocks & Pinestraw

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Tree Trimming & Brush Removal

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Drainage Solutions

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Tractor Services

Landscaping Service Details

Landscape Design

Are you building a new home or looking to refresh your current landscape? Need a customized landscape design plan for your lawn? Our team at Rivers Lawn and Landscape can combine our advanced software with our expertise in landscape design to create a plan that works well for your home. We can choose landscaping options that complement your yard and your home.

Landscape Installation

Looking to install grasses, shrubs, trees and flowers? We can help guide you.

How can Rivers Lawn and Landscape help me with landscape installation?

  • The experts at Rivers Lawn and Landscape know which plants and grasses grow best in your specific environment.
  • We know the best placement for trees and flowers that will promote growth and make the most of your space.
  • We can create spaces where you enjoy spending your time by creating shade and privacy.
Landscape Maintenance

Worried about keeping your plants looking great? We’ll come back on a periodic basis to perform routine care.How can Rivers Lawn and Landscape help me with landscape maintenance?

  • Our team knows how to trim and prune to maintain a clean look as well as promote healthy growth of your plants.
  • We can help you select low-maintenance landscaping that will save you money and time while still looking beautiful.
Mulch, Rocks and Pinestraw

Adding ground cover to your landscaping can increase curb appeal and help your plants grow. Not sure if mulch, rock or pine straw is best for your landscaping needs? We will help you make the right choice.


Rock is a low-maintenance option with a low long-term cost, as it does not require frequent replacement. It is fireproof and windproof, and it remains beautiful year-round.


Mulch helps to retain moisture in the ground, leading to greater hydration for your plants. It also helps to control weeds in your landscaped beds. There are many different color options, and it stays in place very well throughout the year.

Pine Straw

Pine straw is a cost-efficient option that is quick to spread in your landscaped beds. Although there is not a wide variety of color options like the other ground covers, the color of pine straw matches almost any color of home well.

Tree Trimming and Brush Removal

No one likes the look of unruly trees or heavy brush. Let us work with you to clear these from your property.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming can help maintain a manicured appearance, improving the overall look of your yard. It can also help to target which areas of your yard are shady and sunny.

Brush Removal

Strong winds, storms, and the fall season can lead to unwanted debris in your yard. Our efficient team at Rivers Lawn and Landscape can quickly return your lawn to the clean, manicured state you desire.


Plants must receive a balanced equilibrium of water to survive. If they get too much or too little water, it can be detrimental for your lawn and landscape. Want to make sure your plants and lawn are watered properly? We can help.

Irrigation has a range of benefits:

Drainage Solutions

Standing water and puddles becoming a problem? Maintain the proper flow of water and facilitate healthy runoff in your yard with our drainage solutions.

  • Standing water for more than a day after rain can cause issues in your lawn. French drains can move water underground to prevent standing water.
  • Surface drains catch rainwater and move it to a different location. If water is standing on top of the ground after it rains, or is flooding an area, a catch basin can catch that water and move it somewhere to eliminate standing water.
  • Gutter drainage drains water from gutter to an area away from the house
Tractor Services

Have a job that requires heavy machinery to achieve? We have the equipment and expertise to offer services such as:

  • Grading
  • Bush hogging
  • Gravel driveways
  • Brush removal
  • Shrub removal

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