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Tired of dealing with routine lawn care work? Let a professional handle it so you can spend more time focusing on what matters.

Make the Most of Your Time with Professional Lawn Care Services in SC & NC

Far too many homeowners use valuable free time to perform routine lawn care work. Rivers Lawn and Landscape believes that free time should be reserved for relaxing with family and enjoying time with friends. Let us tend to your lawn maintenance needs, so you never have to choose between having a beautiful, healthy yard and living life on your own terms again.






Seeding & Sodding

INsect Control

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Lawn Care Service Details


Maintaining your grass properly is important for its health and improves the overall look of your lawn and your home. We can get the job done quickly, beautifully, and efficiently.

Why should I hire a professional to mow my lawn?

Time and Efficiency

Many homeowners feel capable of mowing on their own rather than trusting a professional. While this may be true, Rivers Lawn and Landscape has an incredibly efficient fleet of equipment and team of workers that can finish job in ½ or ⅓ the time it may take the homeowner. Click here to learn about more benefits of hiring a lawn care professional.


Each species of grass has an optimal height to be cut. Cutting it too short can cause it to die in the summer heat of Pageland, Lancaster, and Monroe, while cutting it too high can lead to the need to trim again in a matter of days. Rivers Lawn and Landscape is familiar with the local grasses in our area, and we will trim your grass to its optimal height for growth.


While quality mowing is important for the overall look of your lawn, improper trimming can also draw negative attention. We pay special attention to the areas our lawn mower can’t reach.

What areas can Rivers Lawn and Landscape trim in my lawn?

You may have details in your lawn that require special attention to maintain their best look. For example, you may have obstacles such as mailboxes, trees, fences, or uneven areas that cannot be mown around easily. After mowing, we focus on detailing these areas with our trimmer to make sure no areas are missed. Rivers Lawn and Landscape also trims and prunes shrubs and hedges to keep them looking their best. These plants can become unruly, giving your lawn a messy look. Our landscaping crew has the expertise to trim your shrubs to keep them looking great.


While edging is a quick, easy task for our experienced staff and advanced equipment, this finishing touch makes a huge difference in the appearance of your home. Wouldn’t it be nice if your sidewalks had those perfect sight lines?

What are the benefits of edging?


No one likes the look of leaves, trimmings, or grass clippings on their lawn. Rivers Lawn and Landscape can quickly and efficiently blow away any mess we leave behind, and no one will ever know we were there. We can also clean up fall leaves and debris a lot more quickly than it can be raked. 

Speciality Service Details

Soil Tests and Fertilization

What are the benefits of soil testing?

  • Testing the soil in your lawn can improve the health of your grass and plants.
  • Lets you know what’s going on “behind the scenes” in your lawn.
  • Provides recommendations on which fertilizers to use and how much

What are the benefits of fertilization?

  • Fertilizing your lawn can lead to fewer weeds
  • Prevents diseases in your plants
  • Prevents dying grass
  • Leads to fewer pests and insects
  • Leads to even grass growth
  • Decreases soil erosion by creating a thick layer of grass
Seeding and Sodding

Need a lawn installed for your new home? The professionals at Rivers Lawn and Landscape know which grasses will grow best in your area, so we can help guide you in the right direction.


To establish a lawn from grass seed, you must follow these basic steps:

  1. Selecting a grass type suitable for your area
  2. Preparing the soil
  3. Planting the seed
  4. Care and maintenance of your new lawn

Rivers Lawn and Landscape is experienced and efficient when it comes to seeding your lawn. Contact us so we can guide you through the process.


Sodding is an “instant lawn” that can quickly prepare your home for sale, give your newly built home a brand new look, or breathe new life into your current lawn. Sod can also lead to decreased erosion, reduction in heat, and improved air quality.

Weed Control

Weeds are your lawn’s worst enemy. They can not only decrease the curb appeal of your home, but they can also harm the plants and grass in your lawn. Rivers Lawn and Landscape is experienced at applying products that can eliminate your current weeds as well as prevent future weed infestations. Your lawn will thank you.

Insect Control

Insects are also an enemy in your lawn. We’ll keep your yard protected from insects that damage your lawn and plants.

What are the benefits of insect control?

  • Treating for insects in your lawn can lead to fewer pests like moles.
  • Healthier plants
  • More beautiful lawn

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