Fire Ants: More Than Just a Pest

Don’t allow fire ants to take over your property in Wingate. Fire ants can harm your plants and they can leave painful stings on the members of your family.

Rivers Lawn and Landscape provides fire ant control in Wingate that can both treat existing fire ants and prevent future infestations.

Do I need fire ant control in Wingate?

Fire ants are very common on Wingate, NC properties. They can pop up out of nowhere, and one of your loved ones may end up bitten before you even know your property is infested.

Whether you’ve seen nests and gotten bitten or have seen no sign of fire ants, it is important that you get your property treated.

Fire Ant Control Pricing in Wingate, NC

Our fire ant control in Wingate is priced according to the size of your property. You can use our cost estimator below to estimate the cost of your fire ant control:

  • 1 acre = $85
  • 1.5 acres = $125
  • 2 acres = $160

If you aren’t sure about the cost of fire ant control on your property, contact us for a free estimate.

Wingate Fire Ant Control Application

Rivers Lawn and Landscape treats twice per year for fire ants on Wingate properties. We provide one application in the spring, which will last several months. We then apply fire ant control again in the summer to keep you fire-ant-free, guaranteed.

We have a 100% guarantee on our fire ant control in Wingate. This means that your lawn is guaranteed to be fire-ant free after two applications of fire ant control, guaranteed. If you find fire ants on your property after two applications, we will come back and treat your lawn at no additional cost.


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