How to Choose a Safe Lawn Pest Control Company

Fire Ant Control, Lawn Care

By Evan Rivers

Do you have fire ants or other pests in your lawn? In areas like Pageland, Jefferson, Monroe, and Lancaster, fire ants and pests are common annoyances that can wreak havoc on your plants and grass. Pests like fire ants can also be dangerous to you and your family, as they can leave bites that are painful. 

Since no homeowner wants pests in their lawn, it is time to take action. Now that you are aware of the threats, you can begin looking for a safe pesticide applicator. As a licensed pesticide applicator, Rivers Lawn and Landscape is here to serve you.

Do I need a pesticide application on my property?

Sprouting grass and stubborn weeds aren’t the only culprits of a messy yard. Lawn pests such as beetles, chinch bugs and various worm species that are prominent in Chesterfield, Lancaster and Union counties can wreak havoc on a lawn and the vegetation that surrounds it. Here, we will teach you the signs that pests are taking over your lawn.

Signs that you have fire ants or other pests on your lawn

If you are worried that you may have fire ants or other pests on your lawn, you should look out for the following signs.

1. Patchy, barren, or off-color grass

Sometimes, fire ants can cause patchy, barren, or off-color grass. In sandy regions of South Carolina like the Sandhills region, fire ant problems are one of the most common frustrations for homeowners.

2. Bites from an unknown insect

If you notice that you have bites from an unknown insect, when you go in your yard, you may have an infestation by fire ants or other pests.

3. Burrows or dirt mounds

If you notice burrows or dirt mounds in your lawn, this can be a sign of grubs. Grubs attract moles, and moles lead to the  disturbed dirt in strange patterns.

Other complex problems

In other cases, the problem can be much more complex. For example, many species of insects target specific species of trees, shrubs and grasses. Effectively eliminating one problem without introducing new ones is a challenge that most homeowners frankly aren’t equipped to handle. Hiring a professional for fire ant control and other pest control for your lawn becomes critical if you want effective, lasting results.

But how do you hire one? What qualities do you look for when hiring someone to take on your residential lawn pest control project?

How to hire a fire ant and lawn pest control service

Now that you have learned the importance of pesticide application, you may wonder what to look for in an applicator. You should search for the following qualities when selecting a professional pesticide applicator.

Look for landscaping expertise.

It’s not incredibly common, but outdoor pest control services that have little to no experience with landscaping and lawn care are out there waiting for your business. But, imagine hiring someone to kill pests in your yard only to find that they used the wrong chemical and killed an entire row of your favorite shrubs. Ouch!

To avoid unnecessary risk to your lawn, hire a company that is well-versed in how those chemicals will affect your lawn and landscape. Not only will it save you time and frustration down the road, it will also save you money.

Inquire about child and pet safety.

If you worry about how pest control services will affect your property’s safety, you are not alone. One of the most common concerns for homeowners is that the chemicals used in the application could endanger their loved ones. Whether it’s a beloved pet or a young child who frequently comes into contact with your lawn, you deserve to know that the company caring for your yard keeps your family at top of mind.

Licensed pest control landscaping companies are trained to get rid of pests without sacrificing the health of your family. When hiring a lawn care professional to take care of your lawn pest problem, ask about their licensing to ensure they have the expertise to safely get the job done. Your children and pets will thank you.

A licensed professional should inform you of the risks and benefits of pesticide application. They should also fully inform you on how to keep your family safe, and how long you should be cautious in your lawn. Click here to learn more.

Ask about the guarantee.

What happens when you finish treating your lawn, only to have the pests return in a few weeks? When you’re working with someone to remediate a problem with your lawn, ask about the guarantees. You’ll have the peace of mind you need. When working with Rivers Lawn and Landscape, we guarantee that your pests will be taken care of.

Why you should hire Rivers Lawn and Landscape


At Rivers Lawn and Landscape, your family’s safety is our passion. We want your lawn to be pest free and fire ant free, and we have extensive experience with applying the correct chemicals to make this happen. We can also answer all of your questions about how to keep your family safe following the application of pesticides.

Peace of Mind and Our Guarantee

You can rest assured that you will have control over pests and fire ants with your licensed provider being Rivers Lawn and Landscape. As a result, your family, plants, and pets will be safe from pests. Rivers Lawn and Landscape holds a certifications from the North Carolina and South Carolina Department of Pesticide Regulation. We also have full insurance, so we are covered if any accidents occur on your property.

We can take care of your other needs, too!

After treating your lawn and landscape for pests, we will be familiar with your property. If you then have lawn care or a landscaping project that you need done, we can handle those needs as well. We pride ourselves on offering diverse services that can meet various needs on your property.

Next Steps

You may have additional questions about how the applications work and what to expect throughout the process. Rivers Lawn and Landscape can help guide you every step of the way.

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