Increasing Employee Productivity With Commercial Landscaping


By Evan Rivers

Are you a business owner in the Pageland, Monroe, Lancaster, or Kershaw area? If so, you could benefit from commercial landscaping on your business property.

Commercial landscaping could lead to an increase in profit and sales for your business. Additionally, it can increase employee morale and productivity. If you are interested in improving the landscaping on your property, keep reading. 

Top Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

The primary interest of every business owner is to maximize profit. To accomplish this, many focus on marketing, advertising, providing a quality product or service, and hiring an efficient team. However, many business owners do not consider the value of landscaping on their property. Keep reading to learn about the top benefits of commercial landscaping.

Improved Atmosphere

First, commercial landscaping creates a more beautiful atmosphere on your business property.If your storefront has a messy appearance, clients are sure to notice. As a result, they may have a negative impression of your business.

On the contrary, quality commercial landscaping will result in a good first impression. When customers enter your store or office, they will have a positive opinion of your business, and they will be encouraged to return. Commercial landscaping can create a positive atmosphere for customers before they even enter your business.

Attention to Detail

In addition to an improved atmosphere, quality commercial landscaping can also convey attention to detail. When clients notice your clean lines, landscaped beds, plants, and flowers, this will create a positive impression. When they see that you pay attention to the details on the outside of your business, they will know you do not cut corners in your business, either.

Increased Employee Morale and Productivity

Another factor that can increase profit and sales is to increase your employees’ morale and productivity. Believe it or not, commercial landscaping can have an impact on your employees’ efficiency. Keep reading to find out why.

computer in grass

5 Effects of Commercial Landscaping on Employees’ Efficiency

Now that you’ve learned the general benefits of commercial landscaping, let’s discuss how commercial landscaping can increase profits through improved employee morale and productivity. Creating beautiful spaces on your property can have many positive effects on your employees mindset.

1. Improved Mood

First, commercial landscaping can improve your employees’ moods. Have you ever had an employee or coworker who allowed their mood to affect their productivity at work? While this is a common occurrence, it can have a simple solution. If you create and maintain beautiful landscapes on your property, your employees’ mood may improve.

Research shows that when employees have plants, flowers, and landscapes to look at and spend time in, their happiness increases. As a result, their productivity and job satisfaction also increase. Consequently, this can increase your sales and profits.


2. Increased Rest During the Work Day

Next, giving your employees a beautiful landscape to rest and relax will also increase their productivity. By keeping a well-maintained property with grass, trees, flowers, and plants, your employees can find time to rejuvenate during the day and have more energy for work.

3. Improved Relationships and Teamwork

In addition to improved mood and increased rest, commercial landscaping can also facilitate teamwork. After creating landscaped beds with trees, flowers, and plants, your employees will enjoy spending time outside. As a result, your employees will foster relationships and get to know each other. Then, they may work better together as a team to increase profit and sales.

4. Improved Company Image

When you as a business owner take pride in your beautiful landscape, this will send a message to your employees. They will realize that if you are thorough and care about the experience of your workers. When your employees know you value them and work to improve their experience, they are more likely to view your company in a positive light.

5. Increased Employee Retention

As a result of improved company image, commercial landscaping could lead to increased employee retention. Once your employees realize you value them, they are more likely to stay with your company.

Which Commercial Landscaping Services do we offer?

The many benefits of commercial landscaping are obvious. The positive effects on employee and client experience are well worth the investment. Now that you are aware of the benefits, let’s discuss the commercial landscaping services that Rivers Lawn and Landscape offers.

Landscape Design and Installation

Rivers Lawn and Landscape has the expertise, the team, and the software to help you design your dream landscape. If you have plans or ideas for how you want your landscape to look, or if you need help deciding on plants, ground cover, trees, or shrubs for your property, we can make it happen. After designing your landscape, we can get you an estimate and get to work with installation.

Landscape Maintenance

Many business owners will create and install landscapes, but then they will not maintain them properly. If you do not commit to a plan for landscape maintenance, your investment could go to waste. Weeds may grow and shrubs may get unruly, and then it can take a lot more work to get it back to normal. Rivers Lawn and Landscape can regularly maintain your landscape so that your employees can count on a beautiful, well-kept landscape. Click here to learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional.

Mulch, Rock, and Pine Straw

In addition to trees, plants, and flowers, ground cover is an essential component in your landscape. Ground cover such as mulch, rock, and pinestraw can outline your landscaped beds, making them a focal point. As a result, your employees will have more beautiful areas of your landscape to admire. Ground cover can also assist in weed control and moisture retention, leading to a healthier landscape.

Tree Trimming

Trees are essential parts of your commercial landscape. Not only do they make your property more beautiful, but they also provide shade which may lead to your employees spending more time outside. However, trees sometimes need maintenance, too. Rivers Lawn and Landscape can trim your trees along with your other routine maintenance.

Brush Removal

In areas like Pageland, Monroe, Lancaster, and Kershaw, we frequently need brush removal. First, we obviously need it in the fall when leaves cover our properties. Then, we may need it throughout the year as storms lead to debris on our properties. Brush removal is particularly important for businesses, as you must maintain a clean property for your employees and customers.

Mowing and Trimming

In addition to landscaping services, we also offer routine mowing and trimming. Although most clients and employees likely won’t pay attention to your grass, they will certainly notice it if it is unruly. Therefore, it is important to have a regular mowing service. Rivers Lawn and Landscape offers biweekly mowing services to keep your grass at its appropriate height.

Blowing and Edging

To add the finishing touches to your property’s look, we offer blowing and edging. Edging will create clean lines that clients and employees are sure to notice, and blowing will help clean up any grass clippings, leaves, or other debris that may be crowding your property.

Weed Control

After creating your beautiful landscape for your clients and customers, it is important that you don’t let weeds take it over. Even if your landscape is perfectly designed and maintained, weeds can take away from its beauty. Therefore, proper weed control is essential. Rivers Lawn and Landscape can provide weed control to both prevent and treat weeds.



Have you experienced issues with grass or plants dying? You may need fertilizer for your property. Fertilizer can help to improve the health of your grass, trees, plants, and flowers. As a result, you will have even more beautiful areas on your property for your clients and employees to admire and enjoy. Learn more about the benefits of fertilization here.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are very common in areas like Pageland, Lancaster, Monroe, and Kershaw. However, the last thing you want is for your employees to get bitten by fire ants on your property. Luckily, Rivers Lawn and Landscape provides fire ant control services. Whether you have noticed fire ants on your property or you are looking to prevent fire ant beds from appearing, we can help.

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Next Steps

Now that you’ve learned how commercial landscaping can improve employee productivity and increase profits, it is time to come up with a plan for how you can improve the appearance of your property. Whether you already have ideas for landscaping projects or you don’t know where to start, we can help. Simply contact us for a free estimate and we can get started.