Why a Professional Should Handle Your Routine Lawn Care

Lawn Care

By Evan Rivers

Maintaining a well-kept lawn is essential to a beautiful property. Most passers-by tend to notice your landscaping before they notice your tidy lawn. Therefore, you may not believe it is necessary to focus on your lawn. However, a messy lawn could quickly take away from your property’s overall look.

Many homeowners handle their routine lawn care themselves. They mow, trim, weed-eat, edge, and blow debris all on their own each week. At first, handling this task on your own may seem simpler, easier, and cheaper. However, it may be more beneficial to hire a professional to handle your routine lawn care. Rivers Lawn and Landscape has the equipment and the team to make this happen for you.

What could go wrong if I don’t hire a professional?

Before talking about the benefits of hiring a professional, let’s take a moment to discuss what can go wrong if you decide not to hire a professional. Whether you handle your lawn care on your own or hire a non-professional to handle your lawn care, you may be missing out on some great benefits.

Disadvantages of Handling Your Own Lawn Care

Many homeowners think it will save time and money to do their own mowing, weed-eating, and other tasks. However, let’s talk about some of the disadvantages of doing your own lawn care.

More time consuming

The most obvious disadvantage of doing your own lawn care is that it takes a lot of time out of your week. Let’s say that you spend an average of two hours per week on lawn maintenance per week in the spring and summer. That’s up to 52 hours in one year (and likely much more) that you spend maintaining your lawn. That’s more than a week of full-time work. This is time you could spend focusing on the things that matter, like your family, your hobbies, or your job.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Non-Professional

Even if you don’t do your own lawn care, you may hire a non-professional (like a friend, a local high-schooler, or relative) to do your lawn care. Sometimes, this can seem like a great solution because it is affordable, saves you time, and it is sometimes decent work. However, there are still disadvantages to hiring non-professionals.

Non-Professionals are often uninsured

The largest disadvantage of hiring a non-professional for your lawn care needs is that they are likely not insured. If an accident happens on your property, this can have major consequences. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt or for your property to be damaged. Luckily, professional companies like Rivers Lawn and Landscape are insured in case accidents happen.

Top 6 Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Care Professional

Now, let’s learn about the benefits of allowing a professional like Rivers Lawn and Landscape to handle your routine lawn care.

1. Your grass will thank you

Unfortunately, your grass is not usually the focal point of your property. Many people focus on more visible focal points, like your beautiful landscaping or your home itself. While well-maintained grass may not attract a lot of attention, messy or dying grass certainly will. Therefore, to maintain your property’s overall look, it is important that you not only trim your lawn on a proper schedule, but that you also trim it to the appropriate height.

Trimming your grass too tall can lead to your grass getting unruly in between mowings. To avoid this, some homeowners may try to trim their grass shorter to extend time between mowings. However, this is not the solution. Cutting your grass too short can lead to brown, dying grass, and this won’t look too good on your property either.

Luckily, Rivers Lawn and Landscape has the expertise necessary to trim your grass to the perfect height. This height will lead to maximized time between mowings, and it will be the healthiest height for your grass.


2. Cleaner lines

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring a lawn care professional is attention to detail. When we complete the lawn care on your property, we will make sure to edge your sidewalks, driveway, and landscaped beds to create a clean look. You will notice a manicured appearance after we trim your shrubs and trees, too.

Our team is the perfect balance, because we both pay attention to the small details, and we are efficient at the same time.

3. You can rely on a schedule

In your busy life, it can be hard to find time to work in your lawn. Between work, spending time with your family, and activities like your kids’ sports games, schedules can be hectic and unpredictable. However, our team at Rivers Lawn and Landscape keeps a lawn care schedule. This is how we ensure that your lawn gets the routine attention it needs without you lifting a finger.

4. Quick and efficient

At Rivers Lawn and Landscape, we have a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about what they do. Our team is experienced in lawn care, and they will get a quality job done in a fraction of the time. While it may take you several hours to complete your routine lawn care, our team can likely get the job done in 1/2 or 1/3 of the time. This will lead to a decreased cost to you.

5. They will get to know your property

When you have a lawn care and landscaping professional visiting your home on a regular basis, they really get to know your property. Imagine you have dreamed of adding a new landscaped bed to your property. If we are already familiar with your property, we can likely get you a quote a lot quicker. Additionally, imagine we are doing your routine lawn care and realize you have a fire ant infestation. Since we are familiar with your lawn, we can quickly treat the area, and we will already be familiar with the hot spots.

What Lawn Care Services Does Rivers Lawn and Landscape Offer?

Rivers Lawn and Landscape provides a variety of lawn care services to meet your needs. Keep reading to learn about our services.


Are you in need of regular mowing that will get finished quickly and easily? We have the equipment and the team to make it happen.


If you have shrubs or trees on your property that need regular trimming, we can add this to your regular lawn care service.


Like we mentioned above, our team pays attention to the details in your lawn. As a result, we will make sure you have sharp lines around your sidewalks, driveway, and landscaped beds.


Do you have debris on your lawn from fallen leaves or storms? We can do brush cleanup on your property. After mowing, we will also make sure to blow any grass clippings.

Soil Tests

If your grass and plants aren’t growing well, or if you aren’t sure which fertilizer to use, we can help. Getting a soil test can help you learn what is going on “behind the scenes” in your lawn.


Next, let’s talk about fertilization: soil tests will teach you what fertilizers will work best for your plants and grass. Then, your lawn and landscape will be more beautiful than ever before. Click here to learn more about fertilization.

Seeding and Sodding

Is your lawn patchy or dying? Did you just build a new home and need a new lawn? Luckily, we can install a new lawn using either seed or sod, or a combination of the two.

Weed Control

Are pesky weeds taking over your property? We can examine the weeds on your property and decide which herbicide may work best for you. Learn more about weed control from Clemson University.

Next Steps

Rivers Lawn and Landscape is dedicated to providing quality service at the best value for your dollar. Our passion is creating and maintaining beautiful lawns and landscapes. Therefore, if you are thinking of hiring a lawn care and landscaping professional, we are here to meet your needs.

While we are available to offer routine lawn care, we are also experienced at fire ant control, landscaping, installing irrigation, providing tractor services, and much more. Contact us to get a free estimate. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals on your property.